Saturday, September 9, 2017

"Back to School" that Saturday..

Through Facebook account, i get to know my ex secondary school had this 'open hour' that Saturday.
Its been like almost 20 years since i last go back to school. 

That familiar side door..
Now they got a shelter linked to the bus stop. (There was not such things during my days.)

That study corner looks same same but different. We used to study, and chit chat at this area.

There was not much changes. But the tables and chairs looked much smaller to me. (I grown up. HAHA.)
That empty grass we used to play at, turned into a beautiful garden.  

Hi my younger days, i missed you.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Finally, i done something...

I always put the sentence "I am on diet", but i still carry on eating. LOL

In May 2017,  i banged on the table, with a few jeans feeling tight, decided, i want to REALLY want to lose some weights.

Me then decided to do a TLS™ 21-Day Challenge Kit.

For 21 days, or 3 weeks, i followed the guide of what to do, and eat clean. Of course, exercise was a must too.

Saying "NO" to my favourite coffee, harshbrowns, potatoes, beer, friend chicken wings......... and the list can go on and on.

Guess what ? I did make it and lost 5 kg !! YEAH !

Are you also looking to get healthy, and lose some weights ?
Let me know ! =)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Together

None of us can make it alone.

When you get a lot of help.

Remember to help others.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Together"None of us can make it alone."

- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Friday, June 2, 2017

What i been doing ?

Hi ! How's everyone doing? ;)

I've not been updating this blog for quite long a time.

Days been busy, work, personal life too.

Some time back, i shared this post on promotion event, (the great market singapore sales")
Have you visited it ?

It is linked to the previous sentence, as i started my own eCommerce business.
Not to worry, no hard selling, this i promise.
Sharing of good lobangs / promotions. :)

Further to this, recently i started a Facebook page at :

Care to support me with a like over there?

Hope i be able to entertain you all over at the FB page too.

I be back to write again real soon. :)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

1 Mar 2017 - Shits happens

February 2017 past us in the blink of the eyes.
There goes the birthday month. =)

On 1 March 2017, shits happened again.

I was going to enjoy that cup of kopi-o, and then this warm warm 'end product' from some bird landed on my arm.
Dont know where it come from.

Only one picture to summarize for first day of March 2017.

May it get better from tomorrow onwards.

HUAT ah~
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